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Conversational Applications. For Everyone.

Zircel Tree Editor to build conversational applications

Create engaging user interfaces within minutes. A visual editor helps you build applications with a few clicks. Here's what it can do:

Design Templates

Match your visual identity, perfectly

Build your template design and structure from the ground up with HTML and CSS or use pre-defined templates from our library.

A few template examples:
Welcome back, Max Muster. How can we help you?
To complete the process, enter your details:
You can design your own speech bubbles ๐Ÿค—
What features does you car need?


Business logic as first class citizen

Each time your user interacts with your application, valuable data is saved and stored. Use that data to create different paths for different audiences.

Returning User?YesNo Welcome onboard!Welcome back!


Connect to your favourite tools

Your conversations can send and receive data from/to other servers connected to the web. Implement your own connection or reuse exsiting ones. Send emails, update data on your CRM or simply forward infos to Slack.



Someting's missing? Code it yourself!

If the design templates don't offer enough creative freedom you can write your own custom web components and integrate them seamlessly.

const page = document .createElement('zircel-page') = '5891d72c07d37b8c' page.path = '/my-tree' page.state = { name: 'Mike' } page.register('my-component', MyComp) p.init() .then(_ => { body.appendChild(page) })
This snippet illustrates how to use a plugin and the simplicity of integrating custom components.

Plugin V2

Go beyond simple website plugins

Conversations can be integrated with two lines of code. But, if you want, you can let your website interact with the conversation. Exchange data, track conversation progress or add jumps all from within the browser with the Zircel Events API.

Zircel in Action

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“Zircelโ€™s platform enables us to work with full concentration on independent tasks such as tree logic, integrations or design. It is wonderful to see how different departments can build complex applications without help from IT.” See the use case โ†’
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* a paid plan is required once an application with pro-features gets released.


CHF 129 / mt.