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A Brief Introduction to Conversational Design

Welcome to the product documentation of Zircel. Here, we try to provide you with a full overview of all capabilities Zircel entails. While some parts of the documentation contain code and technical details, we wrote the documentation for everyone. We hope you like it 😊.

Tree and Node Editor

In this chapter we'll learn about the tree and node editor which are the essential tools to build a conversational website or application.

Template Design

Zircel allows you to fully control the visual experience of your conversational website with a bit of CSS and HTML.

Custom Components

If static templates written in HTML and CSS are still too restrictive you can write Web Components from scratch which can be orchestrated with the Zircel execution tree.

State Model and Management

Get to know how you can set up your own state model and in what situations you can benefit from using explicit state keys.

Website Plugins

Learn all about Zircel's web component to natively integrate a conversational model into your own website.

Server Integrations

Create your own webhook to perform actions, import/export state and dynamically update your endusers' conversations.